Monday, December 27, 2010

Awesome Shops to Find Awesome Gifts!

I found two Etsy shops over the holidays that made gifting so much easier! I love these shops and I hope you will too!

Thistle Delight Soapworks had something for everyone in my family! I ordered four of their soaps and every one of them smelled absolutely fabulous! My family loved them! What's even better, the shop had a holiday sale, which made everything so much nicer. Thistle Delight has great customer service too- I ordered two soaps at first, and when they got here, they smelled so wonderful that I just had to get more! So, I ended up ordering SUPER last minute (Like a few days before Christmas) and my soaps arrived way sooner than I expected!

Here is one that I ordered for myself-

Spiced Pear Luxurious Olive Oil Soap....Cold Process...Everyone say Yum.
Smells like heaven!!! I loved having this hidden in my room before Christmas- I could smell it every time I walked in! Wonderful.

Something else really fun- I made these scrubby things for all of the soaps I ordered. They are like little terrycloth (towel fabric) sacks that you can put the soap in, and it works like a washcloth, so you get a nice lather.

But guess what? If you don't have something like this, Thistle Delight has you taken care of! They also sell these neat soap sacks that you can put your soap in. They are made out of the same material as a bath loofa (fun word!) and work up a great lather while helping your soap last for a long time.
Soap Sacks The Awesome invention you shouldn't be without...Purple

Thanks to Thistle Delight, Christmas smelled great! 

Ok, the next shop has fabulous and affordable gifts for all the girls on your list- SinfuneeDelicious! She makes these fun, totally customizable bracelets! I ordered One for my mother, sisters, friend... And customized each with a picture, name, and little message on the inside of the cuff. They were so fun and affordable, that, well, I got one for me too! :)

 How sweet! And funny enough, my mother must have checked my Etsy favorites list, because she gave me some for Christmas too!

I think they are so cute.
See? Totally customizable.

And super light weight too! Perfect for everyday wear.

I loved that I could totally do whatever designs and words I wanted! These make such great gifts!

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