Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weddings + Proms = My favorites.

Ok, so I started making boutonnieres and custom orders for weddings and proms, and I must say that I love it!
Satin Boutonnieres- almost anything about them are customizable just for you!

Some of my latest bridesmaid/groomsmen  orders~

I had the sweetest prom order too- Boutonniere and Corsage set:

*wink wink nod nod* I adore it when people send me their prom and wedding pictures. That makes me sooooooooo happy! :D

What's New?

I have just come out with more cute to show you all, so take a peak- And if you want to see all my newest creations, click here.

A simple black bow for ANY occasion- seriously! Think of all the outfits this would match, all of the endless possibilities that such a versatile accessory presents...I love it. 

I really love this one- the colors go so well together and match so many sweet little outfits.

Spring is in full swing, and thus I simply couldn't resist these fun colors!