Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ok, I am so happy that if my face is stuck in a smile, I really wouldn't be suprised. Once I tell you why, you'll be wondering how the heck I could be so happy about this.

NEWHOTGLUEGUN!!!!!!!!!!   :D


I got a stellar new hot glue gun from my sister for Christmas!

I know what you're thinking right about now. "lame!"
But no, really. I am so stoked. You don't even know. Pretty much, I have been using my mother's hot glue gun for a while now, and it stunk. No, it didn't smell (well yes it did) but it was a major headache!

I'll give you five good reasons why it made me sad:
1. It takes 15-20 min to heat up.
2. Its little stand thing doesn't even hold it up.
3. You have to shove the glue sticks in with your thumb due to lack of trigger. (so much for glue GUN?)
4. Just because.
5. Oh, it smells funny.


See? It is a hobo gun! (Nothing against homeless individuals. Or Thermogrip. Or penguins.)

Ok, I know that hot glue guns cost like $2 at Michaels, (which is strangely less expensive than glue sticks) but I was just holding out on this old thing for some reason that I will come up with later.

Ok. So here it is. The awesome-est ever glue gun in the history of ever.
Brace yourselves.

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!

As far as glue guns go, this is pretty beast. Literally. Hot Pink and Cheeta Print? Heats up in less than 4 minutes? Has a trigger? Score.

Ok, you probably still think this whole thing is super lame, but if you had experience with a hobo glue gun like I did, you would think this was the next best thing after peanut butter chocolate cookies.



Miranda Lewis said...

BAHAHA!!! You are so funny! <3

Juliette said...

:) Thanks Miranda! Miss you!